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Oatmeal & Pumpkin Flavor Soft Baked Treats

(33 customer reviews)


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A tail-wagging combination of two superfoods packed with flavors dogs love and health benefits pet parents appreciate.
HEALTHY AND NATURAL – Our homestyle, oven-baked dog treats are Made in USA using the same natural, healthy and wholesome ingredients you would use for your family. Baked to perfection and Free OF By-Products, Sugar, Artificial Flavorings and Colors, No Added Salt or Preservatives, No Wheat and No Corn. 

OUR INGREDIENTS: Our base ingredient is Oatmeal, making these treats easier to digest than other grains and are Wheat and Corn FREE.

THE PERFECT TRAINING TREAT & FOOD TOPPER: Our treats easily break apart so they can be enjoyed by dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes. Even senior dogs that may have teeth issues or missing teeth can enjoy our treats. Try breaking them in pieces, crumbling them and sprinkling them over your dog’s food as a food topper to entice then to eat their meal. Even the most finicky dogs love our treats and this is why we’ve been in business over 25 years.

Oatmeal Makes Us Better

Oatmeal & Pumpkin Flavor Soft Baked Treats

Oven-baked, home-style treats

Safe for dogs with allergies and sensitive stomachs

100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

Dogs love the oatmeal pumpkin flavor!

Made in the USA

Sustainable palm oil sourced from Malaysia & Indonesia

How We're Different

We strive for excellence in every aspect of our business, from the quality of our products, to the friendliness of our staff.

Our Guarantee

We want you to be thrilled with your purchase. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your order, we will do our best to make it right & win you back.

Premium Products

Our goal is to deliver not just great tasting, but high quality products too. Each product is nutritional and natural to give your pets the best.


Our packaging is sourced from recycled water bottles and milk jugs for sustainability. Our bakeries even use solar power!

(33 customer reviews)

33 reviews for Oatmeal & Pumpkin Flavor Soft Baked Treats

  1. MeMe (verified owner)

    My dog loves these treats and I trust that they’re good for her. The oat flavor smells so good I’ve been tempted to taste one! Been buying these for a few years and have never been disappointed. They’re just the right size for my Boston Terrier and not too hard for her teeth (she’s 13).

  2. Vero (verified owner)

    My labrador retriever LOVES these treatos! These ones are perfect for refilling our canister! I absolutely love that these are healthy and breakable. I’ve used these to give him meds or sprinkle atop his dog food… they’re great! way to package these yummy treats!!

  3. Ronjay (verified owner)

    Dog loves these.

  4. AZ Cook (verified owner)

    I only feed my dogs raw food and all natural ingredients. They love these treats.

  5. Ana B (verified owner)

    My dogs love pampered pet treats. I love the size. They’re not huge but large enough to be a nice treat for small or medium sized dogs.

  6. mountain girl (verified owner)

    I like that this product is made in the USA. Smells good, natural ingredients. My dogs loves these treats.

  7. Concetta Burns (verified owner)

    We have two border collie/lab mixes that will do anything to get this treat. They smell awesome and hold up well to carry in your pocket. We usually take very long walks together and I will use several of these as a “cookie” and water break mid-way. Highly recommend!

  8. Pete Grimes (verified owner)

    Great training aid.

  9. Phackett (verified owner)

    Great cookie for my pup. Order them regularily.

  10. Rita M Andersen (verified owner)

    My dogs absolutely love these treats!

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best soft biscuits for my pups! My dogs are older and don’t have many teeth left. These are easily eaten. They can’t get enough of them!

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    From Boston with love!

  13. S. Danczuk (verified owner)

    Our goldens love these. Granted they love any treats, but I have been really impressed with the quality of these Oatmeal & Pumpkin treats. The company has been one I’ve been using for many years and has been very responsive when items are out of stock. I like to try and purchase from smaller companies and I’ve been really happy with Pampered Pets over the years. Would highly recommend their products.

  14. Harriett M. Brummels (verified owner)

    My dogs love these. I wish they were available

  15. Cookie (verified owner)

    We usually buy this product from a big box store but it’s only been available seasonally. We went online and bought them from the manufacturer. My dogs love this flavor!

  16. Judie Collins (verified owner)

    I used this when rewarding my dogs for doing something good…… returning the ball usually…. or just being good. I do break the nuggets into smaller pieces to make it go farther as it’s a little pricey, but I am ordering more today so that means it’s worth it to me.

  17. Earl K. (verified owner)

    She loves them.

  18. S. Disney (verified owner)

    We use a sling-shot to shoot these cookies out into our yard – then our dog has to find them 🙂

  19. Mary McDaniel (verified owner)

    I was nervous about the packaging and crumbling, as I’ve ordered it in the past and in the canister it still had a lot of crumbles. But the fur babies that live at the community I work at love these so much that when I ran out I finally couldn’t wait for the canister option to come back and ordered the bag. Turns out they packed them much better and hardly ANY crumbles at all!! I was so happy that I decided to give them another try and was very pleased that they have found a better way to package these yummy treats!!

  20. Chia (verified owner)

    My picky pup loves these bite size treats!

  21. Cathy C (verified owner)

    our pet LOVES these treats!!

  22. lucygrey (verified owner)

    I have been feeding these to my French bulldogs for years. They are amazing. Super fresh, smell great, dogs go crazy for them. Almost look so good a person could eat them 😂

  23. goldie (verified owner)

    We started using this treat when it was at Costco 3 years ago. It soon became out Bichon’s favorite treat. Then Costco didn’t offer it any longer and I found them on Amazon. I have order several times. There is more crumbs at the bottom of the bag, but I think that’s because of shipping. Other than that, we will still orders this over and over.

  24. CCL (verified owner)

    My dogs absolutely love these treats!

  25. Adrienne (verified owner)

    Our dogs like these treats.

  26. Kelly Epley (verified owner)

    Very good and healthy product for a dog treat.

  27. John (verified owner)

    Large bag. Treats are soft and appear fresh

  28. tom (verified owner)

    Same treats we get at costco,about the same price but no in stock at costco all the time.are two dogs love them

  29. A C Graham (verified owner)

    My dogs love this treat!! I like it because I can easily break it into smaller pieces for my small dog.

  30. Cindy N (verified owner)

    My dogs love these treats! They are a little bit soft and arrived in great condition. I especially like them for the older dogs who find the texture to be easier to eat. And they are healthy!

  31. Mary Brown (verified owner)

    My dogs are picky and do not like many of the treats out there, but they liked these from the beginning and still like them,

  32. LuLu Pink (verified owner)

    Dogs go nuts for these

  33. Natalie (verified owner)

    After reading some reviews, I was a bit nervous about ordering these online because some said the bags were full of crumbs. I was happy to see that the bag was full of treats and very few crumbs.

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