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What are Pampered Pets Treats?
Our delicious, wholesome treats are for pet owners who want to pamper their pets in a healthy, nourishing way, with the best ingredients available. They smell and taste just like ‘people cookies’ straight from the oven, only they’re made just for your pets’ palette. Pampered Pets Treats come in a variety of flavors to tempt every dog’s taste buds.
How long has Pampered Pets Treats been in business?

We got started in March 1994, when Nancy Anne went to work whipping up wholesome, oven-baked dog treats for her beloved dog Chauncey.  Visit our About Us page to learn more about our history and how we got started.

Are your treats safe for my pet?
Our natural dog treat cookies are soft and bite-sized, so they’re easy on the mouth. And, they’re oatmeal-based, so they’re easy for dogs to digest. Every dog soft baked treat uses the same high-quality ingredients you use for your family. All our treats are oven-baked with NO sugar, animal fat, by-products, artificial flavorings, added salt, preservatives, corn, or wheat. Your pets are part of your family and we believe they deserve the best!
Where are Pampered Pet Treats made?

Every wholesome dog treat is baked in an American bakery that follows rigorous quality assurance measures. By choosing American-made Pampered Pets USA dog treats, you can rest assured that the ingredients and baking process are regulated and monitored by health inspectors and other agencies, and that we have third-party audits conducted on a regular basis.

What makes your treats so special?

Oatmeal is just easier for dogs to digest than other grains found in many leading brands of dog treats. With Pampered Pets USA dog treats, you can have the confidence to reward your dog right now with a treat that won’t punish their digestive system later. Pampered Pets Treats are like a double reward for your furry friend — great taste AND great nutrition. 


Other treats can be too hard for older dogs, smaller breeds, and puppies to enjoy without a lot of work and messy crumbs. Dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages can sink their teeth into our soft-baked dog treats, and they are soft enough to break into pieces for the daintiest of canine consumers. By using all-natural ingredients like peanut butter and honey, we take the guesswork out of good nutrition for your pets.

Do Pampered Pets Treats have hypoallergenic treats?

Yes. Food allergies are an all-too-common problem of pet ownership, and the skin irritations and illnesses caused by some commonly used pet food fillers aren’t always easy to detect. Our hypoallergenic dog cookies are made from oatmeal, garbanzo bean flour, and sweet potatoes to protect your pet against most common allergies associated with pet food and pet treats.

What is the recommended daily consumption for Pampered Pets Treats?

We’ve included daily consumption guidelines to keep you from rewarding your best pals with too much of a good thing. The number of treats you give will depend on the size, weight, diet, and daily exercise habits of your dog. The chart below can be used as a general guideline:

Up to 10 lbs: 2 – 3 Treats
11 – 20 lbs: 2 – 4 Treats
21 – 45 lbs: 4 – 6 Treats
46+ lbs: 6 – 10+ Treats

What makes the treats “wholesome”?

Many dogs actually have trouble digesting wheat, corn, and soy.  It is fairly common for dogs to be allergic to these pet food fillers, which have been used in dog treats and food for several decades. Even dogs that don’t have allergies or sensitive stomachs will simply pass these ingredients through their systems with little nutritional gain. 


So, when we first developed Pampered Pets Treats, we decided to start fresh with wholesome, high-quality ingredients such as oatmeal, garbanzo bean flour, applesauce, honey, pumpkin, real peanut butter, and flaxseed – ingredients that are chock-full of nutrients that dogs need. If you are going to treat your dog, you might as well treat them right!

Does Pampered Pets support any animal welfare organizations?

Of course!  We believe strongly in giving back and supporting organizations that work to help animals in need.  Visit our Giving Back page to learn more about the animal welfare organizations we support.

How do I contact Pampered Pets Treats?

Please email us at info@PamperedPetsUSA.com or call us (800) 861-3769.
You can also fill out the form on our contact page.

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