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Celebrating the Holidays with your Dog

Are you surprised to hear that over 60% of Americans changed their usual Thanksgiving plans this year? Probably not! With Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, and the New Year ahead, you’ve surely been mulling over how you’ll be celebrating the holidays with your pet. Maybe you’ve decided to cuddle up at home or travel cautiously.  Either way, here are 5 great ways to strengthen the magical glow of the holidays this year – and your dog is right at the center of it all!

1. Enjoy decorating early

Pull those festive decorations out a little earlier this year. Changing up your familiar home surroundings with lights and color can increase energy and boost happiness. Plus, it’s the perfect stay-home holiday activity. Remember: popcorn strings and cookie-like ornaments made of dough and craft glue are fun for kids to make, but they can be dangerous if your dog makes a snack of them. Hang them well out of reach so your dog can be happy right in the middle of things.

It’s tempting to decorate your dog, too! Since most canine costumes are designed to be cute rather than comfortable, how about spiffing up what your dog already wears? A colorful holiday collar with a bow will bring smiles to a lot of faces on your neighborhood walks. Reserve holiday sweaters for dogs who need or enjoy additional warmth and introduce new garb in short sessions. Pampered Pets USA treats can be broken up into smaller tasty bits that will make your dog look forward to training – even learning to wear a new halter or protective clothes.

2. Gifts for your pup are gifts for you, too!

If your holiday gathering is smaller this year, or if you and your dog are flying solo, there’s no reason to downsize the fun of giving and receiving. Here’s how!

  • Shop for pup-presents that double as gifts for your home. A colorful new protective couch cover, a comfy new dog bed, a beautiful pottery water bowl or some brand-new toys aren’t just fun for your dog, they brighten up your home and raise your spirits as well. Go ahead and wrap everything up – after all, they are gifts for your dog, not just you, right?
  • Is your dog’s ID missing or hard to read? Get a bright new ID tag or an ID collar. Your best friend can be quickly returned if a distracted visitor holds a door ajar or your dog is spooked while visiting family. No one wants to deal with the heartache of a lost pet during the holiday season – or ever.
  • Your dog’s edible presents can be dual-purpose as well. Even laid-back dogs find it confusing to be told to stay away from that neat indoor tree, sparkly decorations, or all that delicious smelling food. Some dogs find holidays downright stressful, just as we sometimes do.

3. Plan for your pup’s holiday feast as well as your own.

Do you love baking for the holidays? Whip up a special batch of cookies for your dog with our Pumpkin Spice Dog Treat recipe. If you’re part of a cookie exchange, you’ll spread some extra cheer by including batches of these canine cookies (along with the human sort) – just be sure to mark these “For Pups!”

Not a baker? Bring along a bag of Organic Oatmeal & Pumpkin treats if you and your dog are invited to another home. Guests can safely pamper your pup with something special and avoid the temptation to sneak tummy-ache-inducing scraps from the table.

4. Consider a “puppy-promise.”

With so much more time spent at home, you may have decided that it’s the perfect time to add a new dog to your own family or maybe you are inspired to give a puppy to someone you love. Give them a great big box of dog-care items and a Pet Promise Certificate. Then adopt or pick up the new family member after the holiday hullabaloo has passed. Your gift will be twice as exciting for the humans and provide the best possible start to a long and wonderful life for the new pup.

5. Remember, every dog lover LOVES dog gifts.

If you’re stuck on a gift for that person who has everything, get a little something special for their dog. Organic Peanut Butter treats make a great bring-along gift for your holiday host.  And sooner or later, every dog needs a shiny new engraved ID tag to bling out their collar. If you plan to go BIG – ask for feedback. Dog parents are kind of particular about what type of bed (Soft and fluffy? Firm and orthopedic?) their dog needs and loves. For people and pets you can’t see this year, Pampered Pets USA treats ship fast via Amazon. There’s no need to stress over last-minute gifts when there’s a dog in the picture.

There you go! With a dog in your bubble of best-loved companions, you can fill December to the brim with holiday warmth.  Celebrating the holidays with your dog has never looked brighter!

From all of us at Pampered Pets USA, have a safe and joyous holiday!

At Pampered Pets USA, we know you consider your pet to be part of the family and want nothing but the best for them. We are here to provide you with accurate and updated information that will help you give your furry friend a healthy and happy life.

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