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August Is A Month To Spoil Your Pup!

The “Dog Days” of August get a great new spin with three national celebrations of all things canine: Spoil Your Dog Day, National Dog Day, and Holistic Pet Day.

We hope your dog got lots of love back on August 10th, National Spoil Your Dog Day. If it snuck by you—no worries! It’s never too late to pamper your pet by picking another day (or two, or three).

Here are 4 fun ways to dote on your dog this month.

  1. Get outside and play! Be sure to choose a cool day or schedule your adventure for morning or evening so you are both comfortable. Remember: if you are hot, your dog is hotter due to unshod paws, a furry coat, and being closer to the pavement. Dogs can only cool themselves through panting and sweating through their paw-pads.
  2. Teach your dog a new trick, using positive training methods. Dogs love to have both their minds and bodies exercised, and of course they love quality time with you. Be sure you have high-quality treats on hand to reward your pup.
  3. Wind down one evening a week with a movie or video, canoodling with your dog. If your dog isn’t allowed on the furniture, how about relaxing with your canine friend right on the floor? Pillows for everyone!
  4. Celebrate with our Soft Baked Dog Treats. With lots of flavors: peanut butter, oatmeal & pumpkin, cheddar cheese & bacon, and more, you are certain to find one that sends your dog over the moon with happiness.

National Dog Day is August 26th.

Don’t just celebrate YOUR dog, celebrate EVERY dog! Here are 3 fantastic ways to show your love for canines on National Dog Day (or any day).

  1. Make a donation to your local animal shelter. In addition to monetary support, shelters often appreciate gently used towels or washable, non-bulky blankets. Be sure to check your shelter’s wish list or give them a call before spending your cash on supplies–some shelters like to maintain consistency for their pets by using a preferred food brand and some toys are more rugged than others.
  2. Grab your camera or smartphone and share photos of your dog, then invite your social media friends to do the same. Let’s fill the internet with dogs on August 26th.
  3. Does your dog have a special canine friend? This would be a great time to arrange a safe, socially-distanced get-together with another dog-loving family. If your pup prefers to have you all to himself, he’ll still love an outing.

Let’s party all the way to August 30 with National Holistic Pet Day.

August gets us thinking about how to give our pets more fulfilling lives as we celebrate National Holistic Pet Day. Holistic care, for both pets and pet parents, involves looking after all of our interconnected physical, mental and social needs. For our pups, this means:

  • Great (and tasty) nutrition
  • Physical exercise, tailored to our dog’s needs
  • Mental challenges to banish boredom

And, of course, a supportive and loving family and home.

Help your dog live their best life with three simple steps.

  1. Help them maintain a healthy weight. More than half of the dogs in the U.S. are overweight. All of those extra pounds stress your dog’s gut, heart, and joints.
  2. Brush your dog’s teeth to head off future dental disease
  3. Be sure your dog has regular well-pet visits at the veterinarian to catch health red flags before they become serious problems.

There are so many benefits of a holistic approach to caring for your dog. 

  • Holistic = prevention. By looking after all of your dog’s physical, mental, and emotional needs, you help keep your dog healthy over the long-term.
  • Holistic = aware. You not only love and enjoy one another every day, you are more likely to notice if your pup has any changes in behavior that might indicate something is wrong.
  • Holistic = more quality time, and less money spent. A happy, healthy dog (and a healthy YOU) means more fun together, and possibly fewer dollars spent at the veterinarian later in life.

How can you celebrate Holistic Pet Day?

Why not head out and have an entirely new experience with your dog—something fun and exciting for both of you! Is there someplace you’ve been longing to visit and just haven’t found the time? Now you have an easy excuse to explore.

If your pup is currently living a more sedentary lifestyle and sudden hiking adventures aren’t the best option, how about adding a short training session to each day, complete with treats and praise. And what better treat to nourish your dog’s belly and soul than any of our Natural Oven-Baked Dog Treats. Your dog will love them on trail adventures or while learning a new trick at home.

Let’s make these August Dog Days something to really celebrate with your pet. Then look forward to September. Cool-weather autumn-leaf romps and couch snuggles are coming!

At Pampered Pets USA, we know you consider your pet to be part of the family and want nothing but the best for them. We are here to provide you with accurate and updated information that will help you give your furry friend a healthy and happy life.

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