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10 Best Ways to Treat Your Dog and Yourself

With March comes those first early hints of spring, and you know it’s time to treat your dog (and yourself!). Some are full of cheer and color, like the packaged seed displays popping up in every store. Some are a bit drab – like all those dog poops in the yard that pet parents must dutifully clean up as the snow that was hiding them melts away.

Still, there’s no denying our pleasure as the days get longer and the sun grows warmer. It’s time to flip to a new month on the calendar. Make sure to pencil in some pampering before spring flies by. Longer walks are definitely on the list, but what else?

Here are the 10 best ways we’ve come up with to treat your dog and yourself this spring!

1. Take a walking tour.

Check out the visitor’s center or historical society in your nearest city. See if they have guided or self-guided walking tours. You’ll be amazed at the unexpected lore a good guide has to share. When guided tours don’t allow dogs, a self-guided tour with a map and pamphlet is great for your exploration together. Did you know there are online walking tours of historical locations as well? You won’t get much exercise with an online experience. But we’re sure your dog will love cuddling next to you on the couch. Pick a rainy day for these.

2. Deck yourselves out in a matching spring outfit.

When you stow away your winter jackets and step out this spring with your dog, why not celebrate the change of seasons with some matching couture? These coordinating scarves from Boo Dog Lifestyles will help keep off the early spring chill. Hit up Etsy for “matching dog and owner bandana and masks.” You’ll find countless coordinated options that will initiate a lot of friendly conversations on your daily walks.

3. Treat your dog to a trim.

If you’ve been venturing to the hair salon or barber less often due to COVID-19 precautions, you and your pup may be looking a little shaggy. Schedule an appointment for each of you at your respective grooming establishments. Begin the new season with a fresh, clean look!

4. How about a pedicure?

Our poor dry feet could use some pampering after a long winter. And your pup’s nails probably need a trim if winter walks have been shorter or booties have been worn. Some dogs eye the nail clipper with suspicion. But we know they will feel a lot better once their nails are comfortably short. While you’re at it, make sure to check their paws are checked for cracks and dryness from winter salt. Preventive Vet has tips on how to look after your dog’s paw pads and nails. When giving your dog a pedi, keep the experience positive with lots of praise. And don’t forget some soft baked dog treats from our cupboard at Pampered Pets USA.

5. Explore the shoreline.

The cooler weather of spring is the perfect time of year to take a hike along the shore of your favorite lake or river. The heat of summer will bring “if in doubt, keep out!” warnings in regions where toxic blue-green algae is a concern. So plan your adventures at the water’s edge during the spring. It’s especially beautiful to hike just as the pale green leaves are beginning to unfurl.

6. A day off…from each other.

Hey, everyone needs a break now and then, right? If your dog enjoys the company of other canines, set up an appointment at doggy day-care for a half-day to romp with some four-legged buds. Then you can head off for some dog-free fun-time yourself. You’ll enjoy your solo adventure more knowing that your pup is having fun too, and isn’t languishing at home alone.

7. Treat your dog to a new bed.

Once snow and mud season is over, your dog will certainly love a firm, clean new bed to replace the one that got muddied up and flattened over the winter. For humans, there’s nothing more awesome for an incredible night’s sleep than a truly good mattress. If you already have a great one, or a new mattress just isn’t in the budget, you can still freshen up your sleep situation. Just pull those winter covers off your bed, give them a wash, fold them away, and bring out fresh lighter covers to celebrate the warmer weather.

8. Have an Easter egg hunt.

Hunting for special treats isn’t just for human kids! Spend some time training your dog to find Pampered Pets USA soft baked dog treats that you’ve hidden around the house in plastic toy Easter eggs. Then when the weather warms up, hide the eggs around the outside of your home. If your yard is fenced, you can watch your dog track down eggs during regular off-leash exploration. Otherwise, walk your leashed dog around and let him discover those yummy smelling treats! To keep your dog from chomping down on toy eggs rather than wait for you to open them up, try toilet paper rolls that lack sharp edges. Here’s more detailed guidance on scavenger hunting for dog treats.

9. Go on a picnic.

There’s only one way to make sunny spring hike even better – add food! Pack up a basket with your favorite lunchtime meal, and treats for your canine companion. (Is your pup a peanut butter lover or a bacon-and-cheese dog?) Grab a blanket and head out to a local park. Don’t forget your dog’s favorite fetch or tug toy!

10. Find an outdoor coffee shop…

and just bask in the glorious celebration that winter is finally over. That coffee cup and the sun will both be oh-so-wonderfully warm, but remember the patio concrete will still be chilly down there on your dog’s level. If you plan to draw out your coffee experience, bring along a travel pad for your dog. That way, your best friend can comfortably enjoy the adoration of all the other coffee lovers who are glad back at their favorite café.

As you head off on your spring adventures, make sure you’ve packed along Pampered Pets USA treats. They are baked with natural, healthy and wholesome ingredients that are free of by-products, sugar, artificial flavorings and colors. That means they are the perfect in-between meal picnic and travel treat for your dog. Order a bag and you’ll be ready for that first spring outing!

At Pampered Pets USA, we know you consider your pet to be part of the family and want nothing but the best for them. We are here to provide you with accurate and updated information that will help you give your furry friend a healthy and happy life.

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