How to solve your dog’s barking problems

Excessive barking is a real problem for many pet parents. 

To start your journey on how to teach your dog not to bark so much, you must ask yourself: why do dogs bark in the first place?

There are many reasons. Most dogs do so out of fear or anxiety or want attention. They can also simply be bored or barking because other dogs are barking too.

Once you identify the reason behind your dog’s behavior, you might be able to handle it better. Here are some steps to improve the issue:

First, Do NOT Yell At Your Dog to Stop Incessant Barking

When you yell, your dog thinks you’re just barking with them. It’s like you are telling them not to scream, screaming at them. Does that make sense? No!

They will bark more… and probably louder.

Secondly, try to remove the motivation causing their barking. Like if they are barking at dogs walking on the streets, close the blinds or curtains. Don’t worry – you won’t have to keep the blinds closed forever. You just have to remove the motivation long enough to train your dog not to bark.

An excellent way to teach your dog not to bark is to ignore them until they stop. Sounds harsh, but your attention is a reward for your pups excessive barking.

Don’t talk, don’t touch, don’t even look at your dog — and don’t interact with them at all.

Instead, wait until they are quiet, and reward their behavior. You may only get a few seconds of quiet in the beginning. Then you have to go back to ignoring them until they become quiet.

Another way to make a dog stop barking is to desensitize them to what makes them bark.

This means you figure out what they are barking at and get them so used to it that they don’t think it’s worth barking about anymore.

For example, if they bark when they see another dog, introduce them to other dogs more frequently.

They’ll become so used to seeing other dogs that they won’t find it worth barking about anymore.

Finally, a command phrase can stop barking in seconds when appropriately trained.

When you practice this word, reward your dog for behaving for five seconds. Then for 10 seconds, a full minute, etc.

Once they’ve got it, vary the time. This prevents their internal clock from determining how long they’re quiet… you want it to be your decision.

Don’t worry! You can teach any dog to stop barking excessively with patience and consistency.

Did you like our tips? Let us know in the comments below. 

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